It Has Come

I know it has been a long time coming, but finally your trebuchet is here.

This is not your normal siege engine, this is the sweetest siege engine Miami University* has ever seen.

Here are your first glimpses online of the Trebuchet.

Here you can see the trebuchet, lying dormant.

It has been pissed off at me for quite some time because I haven't taken it out to destroy.

Sometimes it wakes up at night and screams, I know it yearns to destroy...but feels forgotten.

As I reattached the 20 pound counterweight to the arm, it began to look at me like in that scene from last samurai...then it tried to make out with me and I was like no dude that's just gross.

Then we made out and I took it outside to blow shit up.



To give a sense of the sheer intimidating size of the trebuchet's arm I had Big Seth pose with it detached. He's 18 feet tall so you can tell the trebuchet looks like it's about an even 17. Yeah, I said even 17, what of it.



 Big Seth Takes a Shot

 I Ruin People's World








*sweetest siege engine we know about at Miami that is under $20 and developed in an afternoon with no blueprints or plans whatsoever